Multi-Currency Cash Account
Identity Verification
Peer-2-Peer Transfer
Cash Top-up (Bank Wire)
Cash Withdrawal (Bank Wire)
Crypto Top-up
Currency Exchange
30 days transactional volume limitCHF 1,000CHF 100,000+CHF 100,000+
Receive Payment from PeersFreeFree0.55% commission
Cash Withdrawal (Bank Wire)1 CHF / 1 EUR / 25 GBP / 1 USD
Crypto Top-upFree when your monthly transaction volume does not exceed the amount of Fiat24 Royal Point (F24) balance in your account. Once the amount has been exceeded, a 1% commission will be charged.
Currency Exchange0.3% commission
Account numbers
Number of DigitsTotal SupplyLand in MetaversePrice
18Yes, Size 4x41,500,000 F24
280Yes, Size 3x3150,000 F24
3800Yes, Size 2x215,000 F24
48,000Yes, Size 1x11,500 F24
Please make sure your wallet has been connected to Ethereum Arbitrum network.
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Top up amount too low, the minimum amount is 10.00 €!
Top up amount too low
Top up amount too low, the minimum amount is $10.00!
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